Now servicing the Bay Area!

Where to buy butcher block in San Francisco, Oakland, & the Bay Area? Right here!

If you're looking for quality, enduring, guaranteed, custom-made butcher block, then you've made it to the right place.  Our butcher block countertops are handmade, and they're finished right here in Oakland!  They're finished so thoroughly, you may forget it's wood.  After having been in the butcher block game for over a decade, we have only had 2 splits in our custom work which we replaced for free.

While we offer special order offerings, allowing us to make any kind of butcher block you want, we primarily offer Cherry, Maple and Walnut.  But we've also worked with Sapelle, Ebony, Pine, Ash, Oak, and much more.  We also offer both edge grain and end grain.  End grain is better for your knives, keeping them sharper longer but edge grain is a little easier to take care of and is at less of a risk for splitting.  Generally speaking, we think end grain is best used for a Kitchen Island if you're going to use it at all. This makes caring for it easier; it butting up against a wall makes it harder to take care of and to keep an eye on.  Edge grain is an excellent option for islands and counters, in our opinion.

All of our materials are sourced domestically--nothing comes in on a ship from overseas.  Even our glue is produced here in the United States. We're very proud to say that our wood is too; not to mention that it is cut down at about the same rate it grows.  The only exception, that is totally optional by the way, is our Osmo Finish which is made abroad. But we're just so in love with it as an option, we couldn't say no.  Otherwise, all of our other finishes are from America.